The communion of Santa María del Nuevo Éxodo (Saint Mary of the New Exodus) came into being as a response to the pressing call from the Lord to foster Christian life and spirituality.

We feel an urgent call to promote understanding and unity among persons, communities, races and cultures, by means of dialogue and recognition of the values present in every reality. In that way we are trying to take on the style of Jesus Christ and be radically faithful to the Gospel, read and interpreted in an attitude of ready-minded openness toward the Word and also of sensitivity to the signs of the times.

Maintaining our catholic faith wholly, we recognize the gifts and riches existing in other Christian traditions. We have felt clearly and specifically the election of the Lord so that, feeling our smallness, we may have an attitude of inner emptiness, of stripping away and of oblation, and, in addition. so that we may explore, with the freedom and creativity that come from communion with the Tradition, the possibility of responding with new paradigms to some of the challenges of modernity.