The Consecration of the Bishop

October 27, 2007, was a day of great blessing for our communion: the ordination of our first bishop was our birth as a Local Church—the sacramental presence of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.

All the steps laid down in the apostolic tradition were carried in their entirety:
*  certification of the election
*  use of the traditional ritual for the ordination of a bishop
*  circulation of a pastoral letter, “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic”
*  participation of consecrating bishops
*  promulgating the Primate Bishop’s coat of arms and motto
*  establishing relations between ICERGUA and ICAB (Catholic, Apostolic Church of Brazil)



  1. The election took place on May 12, 2007. The General Council of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil (ICAB) ratified and approved the election on July 11.  Finally, the presence of more than 17,000 brothers and sisters on the day of the ordination confirmed the election.

  2. Apostolic Succession:  Dom Josivaldo Pereira de Oliveira, President of ICAB, presided over the ordination. Seven other bishops from Brazil and the United States concelebrated, laying their hands on the ordinand. All these received apostolic succession from San Carlos of Brazil, through the different bishops that San Carlos ordained during the course of his Episcopal ministry at the head of ICAB.

  3. The reception: the joy of the People of God was manifest. On the day of the ordination it could be seen in Comalapa. On the following day 5000 brothers and sisters from Comalapa were present at the first Mass, at which the parish church of St. John the Baptist became the Cathedral, see of the bishop, with the same name.  In the afternoon, some 2000 brothers and sisters welcomed us in Cunén el Quiché. And by night 4000 brothers were waiting for us to arrive at Uspantán in the central park, followed by Eucharist in the Center of Charismatic Renewal. Monday was Huehuetenango’s turn. In Soloma some 3000 brothers and sisters welcomed us. In Santa Eulalia about 5000 were present for the Eucharist. Then at 9:00 pm we arrived at la Capellanía, Chiantla, where 2000 brothers and sisters had been waiting for us since 11:00 am, although when we arrived only half were still there, for the others had to return home. We want to share with you some of the photos that testify to such a great event.

Arrival at Comalapa. Welcome at the Calvary Chapel
Preparing the procession from the Calvary to the colonial church

Greeting the crowds on leaving the Calvary

The crowds pack the main street from the Calvary to the central park

Procession from the Calvary to the colonial church

The plaza packed by the faithful on the arrival at the colonial church

An innumerable throng makes entering the colonial church slow

Entrance procession for the ceremony of consecration

Prostration while the saints’ litany is sung

Laying on of hands by Dom Josivaldo, principal consecrator

Laying on of hands by Dom Wagner, principal co-consecrator

Laying on of hands by Bishop Richard, second co-consecrator

Laying on of hands by Dom Aureo, co-consecrator

Laying on of hands by Antonio Julio, co-consecrator

Laying on of hands by Paolo, co-consecrator

Laying on of hands by Antonio, bishop co-consecrator

Missing:  photo of Dom Manoel Rochel laying on hands as bishop co-consecrator.  He also served as master of ceremonies.

The consecrators reciting the prayer of consecration

Dom Josivaldo is ending the unction with holy crisma, anointing first the head, then the

Delivering the book of the Gospels

Delivery of the ring

Placing the mitre

Delivery of the crosier

Enthronement on the Bishop’s Chair

Dom Josivaldo greeting the People of God after the closing prayer

Our bishop addressing the People of God

Inviting the People of God to commit themselves to evangelism