Current Statistics

Current Statistics of the Communion


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We want to share with you some statistics of the communion as of March 2009


At the present time, there are in ICERGUA:

11 priests, members of the Nazareth Community
2 secular priests in Guatemala
3 secular priests incardinated and 4 in process of incardination in Peru
2 priests and 1 deacon in Germany
1 priest and 1 deacon in process of incardination in Mexico
2 priests in process of incardination in Cuba
1 priest in process of incardination in Colombia
1 priest in process of incardination in Ecuador

38 seminarians
More than 350,000 members
The members are gathered in 750 communities. In 85% of the communities the Most Holy Sacrament is present.
The communities are organized into regions and parishes
In each region and parish there are books for registering baptisms, confirmations and marriages.
There are a total of 990 extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers.

Regions and Parishes that Comprise the Communion

Region 01: Soloma, Santa Eulalia, San Miguel Acatán, San Rafael, in the Department of Huehuetenango.
Region 02: Barillas, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 03: Comunidad Nazaret, Department of Sacatepéquez.
Region 04: San Mateo Ixtatán, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 05: Chiantla, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 06: Jacaltenango, Concepción y San Antonio Huista, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 07: Cuilco, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 08: Nentón, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 09: Nebaj, Department of El Quiché.
Region 10: Comalapa, Department of Chimaltenango.
Region 11: Uspantán, Dept. of El Quiché.
Region 12: La Democracia, La Libertad, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 13: Santa María Chiquimula, Department of Totonicapán
Region 14: San Pedro Carchá, Department of Alta Verapaz.
Region 15: Raxuja, Dept. of Alta Verapaz.
Region 16: San Pedro Necta y Colotenango, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 17: San Sebastián, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 18: Santa Bárbara, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 19: La Libertad, Department of Petén.
Region 20: Huehuetenango, Dept. of Huehuetenango.
Region 21: Cunén, Dept. of El Quiché.
Region 22: Cobán, Dept. of Alta Verapaz.
Region 23: Parish of la Anunciación, ACM, Ciudad de Guatemala.
Region 24: Paris of San Miguel Arcángel. Tzanixnam, Dept. of Totonicapán.
Region 25: Concepción Tutuapa, Department of San Marcos.
Region 26: Parish of El Espíritu Santo, Department of Sololá.
Region 27: Parish of Cristo Yacente y Santiago Apóstol. Mataquescuintla. Department of Jalapa.
Region 28 y 29: Parish de la Fe de los Mártires Católicos Renovados de Chajul. Dept. of El Quiché.
Region 30: Renewed Catholic Church of Santa Eulalia, Santa Eulalia, Huehuetenango.
Region 31: Renewed Catholic Church of San José Quixabaj, Santa Eulalia, Huehuetenango.