Education Center in Huehuetenango

Education Center in Huehuetenango

The Education Center in Huehuetenango is located between zones 6 and 7 in the city. it is located in the old section of Jumaj, some 325 yards from the Los Cuchumatanes Hotel.

The lot on which it is located is about 530,000 square feet, and the construction area is about 15,850 square feet.

The construction consists of several modules:
       Multiple-purpose room
       Kitchen and dining room
       Dormitories for 140 persons
       Two guest apartments
       Class and meeting rooms
       Two caretakers quarters
       Reception room and book store
       Priests house with eight bedrooms, each with private bath.

View of the center of the complex
One of the entrances
Couridor to the Dinning room

The Center is the special place for the Permanent Pastoral Formation of the People of God.

We have celebrated at the Center our Annual Assemblies since 2005.

Eventually it may be used a Convention Center, Retreats' House and Seminars' Location for other Oranizations.

Apartments' Building, Classrooms and Dinning Room
Chapel and Priest's House
Priest's House Living room
The center is sorounded by mountains and volcanos

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