Usage of the Tell A friend plugin

Disclaimer : No warranties at all, use on your own risk !
Requirements : The Plugin-Loader must be installed and working !

Please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Always make a backup, before messing around with your files !

  2. Download the Plugin-Loader from

  3. Download the file and unzip somewhere, please keep the folder structure.

  4. Upload the folder  and it's content, to the folder called PLUGINS (from the plugin loader installation)

    The plugin is now ready for use

  5. Logon to/edit your homepage using standard CMSimple.

  6. You can place  the ONLINE  USERS counter either in the content area or in the template.
  7. To put the code in the content area; insert:  #CMSimple $output.=gotell(); #  where you find it relevant in your present content.

        To edit  the text that shows.

  1. Logon to/edit your homepage using standard CMSimple.
  2. Open the "Settetings page", and select "Linktous" to admin and configure.
  3. Click "Plugin Config" to edit the text.

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